Fleet GPS Tracking

How Trakkit™ Monitors Your Refrigerated or Dry Trailers

WiFi-Based GPS Tracking

• No Cellular or Satellite Monthly Charges
• Global Coverage – WiFi is Standard Across the Planet
• Easy to Install and Conceal, put one in your Fleet Tractor’s dash as backup.
• Battery Backup – Average 6-12 Months Life*

Trakkit GPS Fleet Tracking App

Reefer Monitor

• Temperature Monitoring: Reefer Air Return and Cargo (up to 2 zones)
• Logging/Records All Temperatures
• Alerts if pending Reefer Failure and Over/Under Temperature Ranges
• Avoid Driver Set-point Errors

Voltage Monitor

• Logging of Battery Volts in Reefer Unit or Rig (if Dry Trailer)
• Show Trends in Reefer Unit Startup Voltage
• Prevent Downtime with Advance Knowledge of Battery/Alternator Failure


• Motion Detection
• Custom Alerts
• Geo-Fencing Alerts
• Mobile App, Email or SMS Alerts **

New Feature for Fleet

• First Alert - Receive Alerts if Trailer seen for the first time in x hours.

Trailer Tracking FAQs

One Trakkit™ Cable Kit supports up to 2 external Temperature Zones and 1 Discrete (On/Off). (extra probe required for each additional zone)

Yes, Trakkit™ will work on anything you attach it to. For dry trailers, you can use the Cable Kit to wire power to the STA-DRY box, and hide Trakkit in the Trailer Registration box, or any location you determine.

Yes, it uses two AAA user-replaceable batteries. We recommend Energizer L92 Lithium AAA batteries. Trakkit™ switches to internal batteries if the external power is lost.

No, we recommend you install Trakkit on a fused connection.

The Input Voltage range is: 7 to 35 VDC.

The first time you set it up, Trakkit™ must be connected to USB, for power only. Trakkit™ then uses WiFi to configure itself. Subsequent firmware upgrades, when needed, happen the same way.

General settings changes are handled through the Trakkit™ mobile or desktop app, and do not require connection to power.

No, no SIM card or Cellular to configure.

Yes, Email Alerts and in-App Notifications for mobile devices. SMS Text Alerts are supported as an add-on feature.

Yes, Trakkit™ is certified for compliance with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Industry Canada (IC).


IC: 22949-TKGS1

** Requires purchase of additional Temperature Probes

Trakkit GPS Fleet Tracking

Made in the USA


• Wi-Fi Based Hybrid GPS Tracking
• No Monthly Subscription
• User-Replaceable AAA Batteries
• Long Battery Life (months!)
• External Power via Micro-USB
• Motion/Vibration Detection
• Email and Text Alerts Available


• Reefer or Dry Trailer Tracking
• Track Reefer cargo temperature
• Track battery voltage
• No cellular plan required
• Compatible with MiFi/Hotspot IoT Data Plans

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